Everyone’s investment objectives are unique. Some people will want to invest for the long term, such as for retirement, others will have medium term objectives, like paying for children's or grandchildren’s university fees or weddings, or maybe planning the holiday of a lifetime for a special wedding anniversary, and some will have more short term requirements for example, building an 'emergency fund' or a 'rainy day fund' or a family holiday. Some people may even have objectives spanning over the short, medium and long term.
At Oakwood, we understand that everyone's circumstances and objectives are different. We will take time to fully establish your goals, timescales and - very importantly, your attitude to investment risk. We will work with you to create a Service Proposition and investment strategy and which will be in line with investment objectives, and with your agreement, we will meet with you quarterly or annually to formally review your portfolio to ensure that it remains suitable for you and your objectives. We believe that ongoing reviews form a valuable part of investment planning to help us ensure that any investments remain suitable, although we do appreciate that some clients do not want ongoing service and will accommodate this where required. 
Let us help you to achieve your ambitions.
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